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17/02/2020 - The economic social and innovation value Novartis brings to the UK

 Europe Economics was commissioned by Novartis to write a report about the economic impacts novartis has upon the UK.  

17/04/2019 - Loan syndication report

 Europe Economics was commissioned by DG COMP of the European Commission to produce a well-evidenced analysis of the EU loan syndication market, to assist DG COMP in its assessment of whether competition in this market is effective and that these markets are well-functioning. The study focused on the LBO, Project Finance and Infrastructure loan segments, with a detailed sample including France, Germany, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.  The report also drew on the expertise of Euclid-Law, YouGov and Dr Alper Kara (University of Huddersfield).    Contact: Deborah Drury or John Spicer  

06/12/2018 - TPD2 and standardised tobacco packaging

With a year and a half now passed since the introduction of plain packs and TPD2 requirements in the UK and France, this Europe Economics report for JTI considers the impacts, so far, on tobacco prevalence and consumption.

29/03/2018 - Regulatory approaches to telemedicine.

 Europe Economics undertook a review for the General Medical Council of how regulators in other countries approach the regulation of telemedicine. In recent years the use of digital health services has expanded rapidly. While they may present a convenient way for some patients to access healthcare, it is important that these services do not compromise patients’ safety. Our research will inform The GMC’s approach to, and role in, the regulation of telemedicine in the UK. The report considers questions such as how telemedicine is defined, what requirements are placed on doctors practising telemedicine, and how regulation works across borders. The research involved an online survey of a wide range of regulators, telephone interviews and in-depth desk research.  Read this paper here.

19/01/2018 - The Economic Impact of Debt Advice

  Research by Europe Economics - undertaken for the UK's Money Advice Service - shows that debt advice can make a major difference in improving the lives of heavily indebted individuals and families. Debt advice reduces the financial burden - but beyond this we found robust, measurable effects in improving mental health and well-being, enhancing work productivity and reducing the likelihood of re-entry into a cycle of problem debt. Overall, we estimated the measurable social benefits from debt advice to be £0.3-£0.6 billion annually across the UK. Further details on our approach and our main findings can be found in our report on "The economic impact of debt advice". This work was led by Ross Dawkins. Read this article here