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20/12/2016 - Briefing Note: Pfizer Fine for Excessive Pricing

On 7th December, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) fined pharmaceutical company Pfizer £84.2 million for excessive pricing. Sida Yin, Analyst at Europe Economics, has written a briefing note on the recent excessive pricing cases in the pharmaceutical sector and the role of the regulatory framework.

15/12/2016 - Evaluation of Fiscal Measures in the National Policies and Methodologies to Implement Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive

Europe Economics was commissioned to provide technical assistance in the development of the methodology for the evaluation of fiscal measures to implement Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This involves assessment of different fiscal policies used in a selection of Member States including the use of price elasticity data and additionality assumptions in arriving at claimed energy efficiency benefits.

22/11/2016 - The Economic Impact of Improved Financial Capability

Europe Economics’ study analysing the economic impact of improving financial capability has been published by the Money Advice Service. The Press Release can be read here. Our work involved the construction of model which combined survey data on 3500 individuals with insights from economics and behavioural finance to estimate the consumer impact of improving financial capability across the UK. Our study also analyses the impact on the supply-side (i.e. the financial services industry). Our model is expected to be used in future policy-making by the MAS in helping to set the UK's financial capability strategy. This work was led by Ross Dawkins, Principal at Europe Economics

26/10/2016 - Patent Assertion Entities in Europe. Their impact on innovation and knowledge transfer in ICT markets

Europe Economics undertook a study of Patent Assertion Entities in Europe for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. This study provides an overview of patent assertion practices and of patent assertion entities in Europe, taking into consideration their impact on innovation and technology transfer in European ICT markets. It provides a European perspective on patent assertion entities, which is complementary to the situation in the United States, recently analysed by the US Federal Trade Commission.

21/09/2016 - Different forms of cooperation between insurance companies and their respective impact on competition

Europe Economics was contracted by DG COMP of the European Commission to report on “Different forms of cooperation between insurance companies and their respective impact on competition”. This study compares different forms of cooperative insurance structures, not limited to pools, setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of cooperative structures for both insurers and clients. This research also analyses the different competitive dynamics associated with each form of insurance cooperation scheme. The research moreover identifies potentially non-essential features, from the perspective of maximising the efficiency of these schemes. CMS-Hasche Sigle provided legal input to the study, and Prof Dr Martin Eling provided expert insurance and economic input. This work was conducted in the context of DG COMP’s review of the IBER, with further context available here.  Ross Dawkins led this work for Europe Economics.