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21/10/2009 - Cost of Capital and Financeability at PR09

Ofwat published its final price determinations for the water industry on November 25 2009. Water companies now have a few weeks to decide whether to accept Ofwat's determinations or to appeal to the Competition Commission. Europe Economics have been advising Ofwat on cost of capital and financeability. Our updated report on the cost of capital has been published on the Ofwat website.

08/10/2009 - The Impacts of Restrictions on the Display of Tobacco Products - A Supplemental Report for JTI

Europe Economics has produced a Supplemental Report for JTI on the impacts of restrictions on the display of tobacco products.

13/09/2009 - Analysis of the Secondary Sales Market for Tickets for Sporting, Cultural and Other Events

Europe Economics’ report for DCMS on ticket re-selling was recently published alongside the summary of responses and Government response to the Ticket Touting consultation.  

27/07/2009 - Leniency and Civil Claims: Should Leniency Programmes Extend to Private Actions?

Principal Jonathan Green and senior consultant Iona McCall have their article published in Competition Law Insight on 28 July 2009

31/05/2009 - Proposed Changes to Exemptions from Public Performance Rights in Sound Recordings and Performers Rights:Amending the Copyright Designs and Patents Act

This study was an impact assessment for the UKIPO of proposed changes to UK Copyright law. Specifically, these proposed changes relate to the current exemptions from public performance rights in sound recordings and performers’ rights.  The focus of this study was to assess the impact of proposed changes on collecting societies, Users (i.e. those publicly playing copyright music), copyright holders as well as the wider impacts on society (i.e. through possible impacts on the incentive to innovate). Click the title to view the report through the IPO website.