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31/03/2010 - Household Indebtedness in the EU

Europe Economics' analysis, for the European Parliament CRIS Committee, of household indebtedness across the EU.

04/03/2010 - Risks in the Optical Profession

Europe Economics undertook a risk analysis of the optical profession to assist the General Optical Council in developing risk-based and proportionate options for revalidation.

04/02/2010 - Cost of Capital for NATS (En Route) plc for CP3

Europe Economics was commissioned by the CAA to advise on the appropriate cost of capital that NERL is allowed to charge over the third price control period CP3.

29/01/2010 - Regulating Finance for NATS CP3

Europe Economics advised the CAA on regulating finance issues in relation to NATS, in particular the concern of the CAA that bondholders may not view as credible any stated commitment by the CAA not to “bail out” NATS in the event of financial distress as credible.

01/12/2009 - US Small Business Administration in Public Procurement

Our report on the role of the US Small Business Administration in public procurement has been published by the Enterprise Trust. To access the report through the Enterprise Trust website, click on 'Procurment and SMEs in the US'.