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30/04/2010 - The Future of Banking Regulation

Assessment of the impacts of the Basel Committee proposals of December 2009 – contribution to the City of London’s consultation response.

05/04/2010 - Supermarket and Suppliers: A Look at the New Code of Practice

Principal Bob Young has his article published in Competition Law Insight in 6 April 2010 (page 5)

31/03/2010 - Household Indebtedness in the EU

Europe Economics' analysis, for the European Parliament CRIS Committee, of household indebtedness across the EU.

04/03/2010 - Risks in the Optical Profession

Europe Economics undertook a risk analysis of the optical profession to assist the General Optical Council in developing risk-based and proportionate options for revalidation.

04/02/2010 - Cost of Capital for NATS (En Route) plc for CP3

Europe Economics was commissioned by the CAA to advise on the appropriate cost of capital that NERL is allowed to charge over the third price control period CP3.