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30/11/2010 - Economic Analysis of Restrictions on the Display of Tobacco Products -­ 2009 Canadian Annual Smoking Data - A Letter for JTI

Dr Andrew Lilico has written a letter to provide an update to previous reports on the economic analysis of restrictions on the display of tobacco products in light of relevant additional data recently published in Canada for JTI.

20/10/2010 - Future Price Limits - Risks and Incentives: Options Appraisal

A Report by Europe Economics on Future Price Limits – Risk and Incentives: Options Appraisal has been published by Ofwat and is now available.  The report reviews principles and practice in setting incentives and managing risk and looks at how regulation might develop in the water sector as this market is opened to competition. Please note the report may take a few seconds to download.  

04/10/2010 - Markets and Households on Low Incomes

Europe Economics recently completed a study for The Office of Fair Trading into ways in which low income households might be disadvantaged in particular markets.  This work, carried out in collaboration with the New Policy Institute, focused on food, energy, financial services, transport and the internet.  We identified demand and supply side factors which had a differential effect on people in the lowest income group. Access to certain products, such as the internet and bank accounts, had an important ‘enabling’ effect by improving access to products in other markets.

30/06/2010 - Cost of Capital for TAO, TSO, DSO (Appendices)

Europe Economics was commissioned by the CER to advise on the appropriate cost of capital for electricity transmission and distribution companies over the 2011 to 2015 period. (Appendices)