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12/01/2018 - Review of the Irish Travel Trade Protection Scheme and Recommendations for Reform.

 The Commission for Aviation Regulation Ireland has this week published Europe Economics’ final report which evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the current Irish travel trade protection scheme and develops recommendations for potential reforms to this current scheme. The interim findings report can be read here

13/12/2017 - Initial Assessment of the Cost of Capital

Today the report we compiled for Ofwat, setting out our initial view of the cost of capital for the water sector for 2020-2025, was publised. 

28/11/2017 - TPD2 and standardised tobacco packaging - Impact on prevalence and consumption in France and the UK

 Europe Economics research for Japan Tobacco International published, setting out our econometric analysis of the impacts of TPD2 and plain packaging requirements on consumption and prevalence in France and the UK.

24/08/2017 - The impact of retail display bans around the world on tobacco consumption and prevalence

 Europe Economics econometrics research for Japan Tobacco International published, modelling the impact of retail display bans in Canada, Australia and Europe

30/06/2017 - Report for Citizens Advice: Consumer Rights for Parcels Delivery

Europe Economics' report for the Citizens Advice Service studied consumer rights in e-commerce parcel deliveries and sought to understand consumer problems; assess whether existing consumer protections are sufficient in parcel deliveries; and provide policy options to improve consumer protections. Citizens Advice drew on our report (along with another one by Verve) to write their own report on “Parcel Delivery: Delivery services in the online shopping market”, which they have also published along with a press release.