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30/01/2014 - Three EU-Related Impacts of Scotland Leaving the UK - Report for New Direction: The Foundation for European Reform

This report examines the economic benefit to Scotland of three special arrangements that have been negotiated by the UK in its relationship with the European Union: the budget rebate, the opt-out from the single currency, and the opt-out from the Schengen border arrangements.

04/12/2013 - European Commission Proposals for Interchange Fees - Report for Mastercard

MasterCard commissioned Europe Economics to undertake a critique of the European Commission’s impact assessment of policy options related to the regulation of interchange fees paid by acquiring banks to card issuing banks.  The report also considers the impact of the European Commission’s proposals in the UK.

31/10/2013 - Disaggregating the BT Group Asset Beta - Report for Sky and TalkTalk

On behalf of British Sky Broadcasting and TalkTalk Group, Europe Economics has analysed BT Group’s asset beta in the context of Ofcom’s 2013 fixed access market reviews.  We scrutinise Ofcom’s method of disaggregating the BT Group asset beta into regulated copper access network activities and other activities.  We then recommend a set of alternative disaggregation methods that would more accurately reflect the value of BT’s copper access network business to BT Group.  

02/10/2013 - Cost-benefit analysis of the FCA's Detailed Proposals for a new Consumer Credit Regime

The Financial Conduct Authority published its detailed proposals for the new Consumer Credit Regime.  The FCA intends the proposed regime to provide stronger protection and improved outcomes for consumers. Europe Economics analysed the costs, benefits and behavioural changes anticipated to result from the implementation of the new regime.  This follows on from our previous work - published on 6th March earlier this year - assessing the FCA's initial proposals for the new regime.

02/07/2013 - Europe Economics has written a report for Mastercard on the economic impact of interchange fee regulation in the UK

This report was commissioned by MasterCard from Europe Economics, and was produced in conjunction with Professor Sheri Markose of the University of Essex. The study assesses the impacts of introducing interchange fee (IF) regulation charged by card issuers to acquirers in the UK.