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23/03/2015 - Economic Study on Publications on all Physical Means of Support and Electronic Publications in the context of VAT - A report for DG Taxud

Europe Economics, with our partners Ramboll and the Evaluation Partnership, have conducted a study for DG Taxud to assess the substitutability between physical and electronically-supported publications; evaluate the impact of current VAT reduced rates; and evaluate the impact of extending either the reduced rate or the standard rate regime to all kinds of publications.  

10/03/2015 - The Economic Benefit of Woodlands - A report for the Woodland Trust

Europe Economics has written a report for the Woodland Trust to review and synthesise the available evidence for the economic benefits created by woodlands.

03/02/2015 - Baseline report on solutions for the posting of non-cash collateral to central counterparties by pension scheme arrangements - A report for DG Market

Europe Economics developed a study (executive summary only) for DG MARKT (now DG FISMA) on the potential impact of pension funds having to post cash collateral in clearing their OTC derivatives. This work models the effect of ending the current temporary exemption to the application of some of EMIR’s requirements. We worked with Bourse Consult on this project, which also considered the feasibility of various alternative solutions to posting cash, and the ability of the market to deliver these. Our work was an input into the European Commission's own report recommending a two year extension of the exemption. EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, Jonathan Hill said: “Today's report sets out a number of potential ways to facilitate central clearing for pension funds. But none of them is straightforward and it is sensible to take more time to develop a solution which is proportionate.”  

09/01/2015 - How EU Wholesale Financial Regulation Differs from what the UK would Choose for Itself - A report for Business for Britain

This Europe Economics report for Business for Britain focuses on EU regulation and tax measures affecting wholesale financial services — of vital interest to the City — and considers which, of such regulation introduced at EU level, the UK would have introduced itself, acting alone, and which it would not.

16/12/2014 - Retail Distribution Review: Post Implementation Review - A report for the Financial Conduct Authority

Europe Economics was commissioned by the FCA to undertake the post-implementation review of its Retail Distribution Review (RDR) of the financial advice market. Our report was published on 16th December 2014. We found early indications that the RDR is working as intended, although we also identified issues where further attention may be required.  Further details are available here and our report can be downloaded directly here.