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05/12/2011 - Continental Shift: Safeguarding the UK’s financial trade in a changing Europe

Europe Economics provided analysis for the Open Europe report on safeguarding the UK's financial trade in Europe.  Open Europe argues that the Government must seek to safeguard the economic benefits to Europe and the UK offered by the financial services sector. We contributed to the quantification of the impact of financial centres and financial development on growth.

05/12/2011 - Costs and Benefits to the UK of EU Setting of Financial Services Regulation.

In a paper for Open Europe, Europe Economics considered the pros and cons of the European Union setting financial services regulation to apply to the UK.  It is argued that some of the most material reasons why EU setting of financial regulation might have been to the net benefit of the UK, are unlikely to apply over the next few years.

21/11/2011 - Digital Content Services for Consumers: Assessment of Problems Experienced by Consumers

The European Commission (DG Justice) has published a major empirical study carried out by Europe Economics on the problems that consumers experience with digital content services.

10/11/2011 - Pro Bono Economics has published a Europe Economics study for the National Children’s Bureau

Europe Economics is pleased to have contributed to the evaluation of the National Children’s Bureau Young Inspectors Programme.  This work was carried out under the auspices of Pro Bono Economics.  The report includes both quantitative and qualitative assessment of the benefits of the scheme.  This was a great opportunity to develop the use of economic evaluation techniques in the charitable sector.

25/09/2011 - International Access to Irish Non-Geographic Numbers

ComReg has published Europe Economics' report on the costs and benefits of options to enable international access to Irish non-geographic numbers.

27/07/2011 - The Value of Europe's International Financial Centres to the EU Economy

The City of London has published a report by Europe Economics on the value of Europe's international financial centres to the EU economy.  The report demonstrates that the activities of international financial centres are not socially useless (or even socially destructive) and that the financial sector innovations are generally not destructive. International financial centres produce and contribute towards a whole host of socially useful functions that households, businesses and governments benefit from.

26/07/2011 - Impact Assessment Brochure

Click below to see our new Impact Assessment Brochure.

06/07/2011 - CLG publish Zero carbon non-domestic buildings report

The Phase 3 report on trajectories for achieving zero carbon standards for new non-domestic buildings has been published by CLG.  Europe Economics, working with AECOM carried out the updated cost-benefit analysis following on from our work on Phases 1 and 2.

28/06/2011 - Use of Comparators

Ofwat has published a report by Europe Economics on the use of comparators in utility regulation.  The report analysed different possibilities for what is compared, how comparisons are made, and how the results are used, drawing on examples from a number of different utility regulators.  The report also provided recommendations on how Ofwat might use comparators going forward.

27/06/2011 - Taking stock of utilities procurement

DG MARKT has published Europe Economics' work on Directive 2004/17/EC, which extends the EU Public Procurement rules to the utility sectors. This work estimates for the first time the value of the procurement subject to this Directive and assesses, given the changes in the utility sectors since the introduction of the Directive, the continued rationale for applying the Directive to the utility sectors.

23/06/2011 - Estimating the Benefits from the Procurement Directives

DG MARKT has published Europe Economics' work on the quantification of the benefits of the EU Procurement Directives.  This work estimates econometrically the relationships between improved procurement practice and final values of specific awards of contracts, on one hand, and the number of bidders, on the other, using the database on contract award notices published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

30/04/2011 - The Surcharges Supercomplaint: an Economic Perspective

Article by  Stefano Ficco and Saattvic for Competition Law Insight on whether the super-complaint regarding excessive online transaction surcharges by the consumer organisation Which? to the OFT is economically justifiable.

19/04/2011 - Implementation of LRAIC in the Postal Sector in the UK

As Royal Mail faces an extraordinarily challenging period, one of the most powerful regulatory techniques with which it and the regulators will be engaging is LRAIC.  Europe Economics' new report for Postcomm explaining how these concepts should be applied in the postal sector has been published.

19/04/2011 - The Weighted Average Cost of Capital for Ofgem's Future Price Control (Phase III Report)

Europe Economics's advice to Ofgem on the cost of capital for transmission and gas distribution (Phase III Report).

19/04/2011 - Decision on Strategy for the Next Transmission on Gas Distribution Price Controls RIIO-T1 and GD1 - Financial Issues

Europe Economics's advice to Ofgem on the cost of capital for transmission and gas distribution. To view the main document click on the title. To view the referenced document by Europe Economics for Ofgem, click here.

07/04/2011 - Parallel Trade: The Challenges Ahead

Dermot Glynn spoke at the Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade Conference hosted by SMI in London in February 2011 about patient safety and access to medicines when repackaging of parallel trade medicines is allowed. The following publication is reproduced from IMS Pharma Pricing & Reimbursement April 2011 and details Dermot Glynn's speech.