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Archive for 2008

03/11/2008 - Online Gambling

Report for the European Parliament focusing on integrity and a Code of Conduct for gambling

30/09/2008 - How Ireland Can Best Benefit from its Digital Dividend

A report for the Irish Commission for Communication Regulation

28/09/2008 - DACSs Submission to the Government Consultation on Artist's Resale Right

This report, submitted by DACS with substantial input from Europe Economics, discusses why the Artist's Resale Right derogation should be allowed to lapse in 2010 rather than be extended to 2012.

02/09/2008 - Economic Analysis of a Display Ban and/or a Plain Packs Requirement in the UK - A report for JTI and Gallaher Ltd.

Europe Economics has prepared a report on the economic analysis of a display ban and/or plain packs requirement  in the UK for JT International and Gallaher Limited (both members of the Japan Tobacco Group).

31/05/2008 - Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est la Meme Chose?

Principal Bob Young publishes his third article on the Competition Commission inquiry into the grocery Market after its conclusion in 2008.

13/05/2008 - Safe Medicines Through Parallel Trade

This report assesses the impacts of policy options developed by DG Enterprise and Industry to ensure safe medicines for patients through parallel trade. The Annex to our report is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/health/files/pharmacos/docs/doc2008/2008_10/annexes_corr_en.pdf 

31/03/2008 - Advice to the CAA on the Calculation of Incremental Costs

CAA reference to the Competition Commission for Stansted Airport Supporting Paper IV

03/03/2008 - Impact of a Rise in Alcohol Duty

Report for The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (Annex 1 of the Association's Budget Submission 2008)

03/03/2008 - Advice to CAA on Aspects of Cost of Capital for the Final Price Control Decisions

Economic Regulation of Heathrow and Gatwick Airports 2008–2013 – CAA Decision, Supporting Paper I

03/03/2008 - Consideration of a Discretionary Recording Requirement

Report for Financial Services Authority (Annex 3 of the FSA document)