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Waste Management

Policy-makers in Europe and elsewhere wish to promote resource efficiency and to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites.  The “waste hierarchy” suggests that the order of priority for tackling waste should be waste reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery of energy from waste, and disposal.
Economic instruments such as the landfill tax have a key role to play in reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency.  Expert economic input is vital to ensure that these measures are well designed.
More generally, policy measures in the field of waste need to be subject to robust impact assessment and evaluation.  This may involve gathering data on how consumers and firms will respond to policy measures, or analysing potential impacts on the development of markets for end-of-waste materials.
Types of study
We can advise on the design of waste reduction policies and to analyse their impact.  For example, our expertise includes:
Analysing possible market failures that may justify policy intervention to reduce waste and increase resource efficiency
Analysing how markets for end-of-waste materials may evolve through time
Analysing the impact of waste reduction policies
Analysing the interaction between different waste reduction policies
Modelling the commercial viability of potential actions to increase resource efficiency
Our clients
Our clients in the field of waste policy include WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the European Commission.
Our experts
Our in house expert on waste policy is Stephen Topping.
Primary contact: Stephen Topping.
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