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We work in collaboration with other professional service firms whenever this is most efficient for clients.  To illustrate:

Legal and Economic

We provide expert testimony on economic issues, and help lawyers to analyse policy issues.
Examples include competition policy cases, damage estimation, and providing expert affidavits and contributions to legal documents.  Our work on public policy issues has included challenges facing the legal profession itself, and assessing the full legal and economic implications of policy options.

Public Affairs

Examples of our work with public affairs consultancies include:
•    Arguing the case for more realistic regulations.
•    Developing the case for major infrastructure projects.
•    Demonstrating the efficiency of companies in the public eye.

Engineering and Economics 

We work alongside expert technologists and engineers on issues such as valuation, allocation of the radio spectrum, or building cost models.

Accountancy and Economics

Examples include interpreting regulatory accounts; and assessing the possible separation of functions in regulated businesses.

Market Research

Examples include working with GfK NOP, which conducted a large number of telephone interviews to assist us in an evaluation of the impact of the OFT cartel cases in the construction sector.  Our research into Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and problem gambling was based on survey data gathered by MORI.

Professional Training

Europe Economics is working with marketforce to produce a two-day training course on utility regulation scheduled for 2nd and 3rd May.  For further details on what the course will cover and how to apply, please click here.