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02/02/2017 - An Economic Outlook for 2017

Dr Andrew Lilico spoke at the Heart of London's event 'An Economic Outlook for 2017: Global, UK and London Insights'. During the event Andrew advised that firms need to to adjust to higher growth, inflation and financing costs: “Global growth has become stronger in recent months – perhaps the strongest in around five years – and 2017 may be stronger still. But this stronger growth will go together with rising inflation and rising interest rates internationally, led by the Fed. Firms need to begin to adjust from the world of recent years of low growth, low inflation and low financing costs to one of higher growth, higher inflation and higher financing costs. Not every firm will make the cut.”  

31/01/2017 - Europe Economics January newsletter issued

Our January newsletter has been issued. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please sign up on the newsletter page of our website.

31/01/2017 - EconomistJobs blog: Universal Basic Income

In our latest blog for EconomistJobs we discuss universal basic income.

11/01/2017 - Escape from the single market brings freedom and flexibility

Dr Andrew Lilico has written an opinion piece in the Financial Times looking at how Britain can make the most of leaving the single market (subscription required to access article).

10/01/2017 - Jeremy Corbyn's maximum wage: politically, economically, socially and morally wrong

Dr Andrew Lilico has written an article for the Daily Telegraph discussing Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion of a maximum wage (subscription required to access full article).