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28/07/2016 - Briefing Note: Brexit and the Energy Sector

In this briefing note Dr Andrew Lilico, Principal, and Ben Tannenbaum, Consultant, look at the potential areas of impact Brexit may have on the British energy market and the economic questions raised as a result. 

09/03/2016 - Executive Brief: Energy price cap – a policy for which errors are costly

This Executive Brief, based on Europe Economics' recent staff working paper of 27.1.2016: “Cost of regulatory error when establishing a price cap”, explains why price caps do not straightforwardly improve consumer welfare.

29/02/2016 - Briefing Note: Power Trading in the Coupled European Markets - Challenges for policy-makers

Following his report for Ofgem in November on different options for recognising implicit flows of renewable power under market coupling as part of the consultation on market coupling and Levy Exemption Certificates, Ben Tannenbaum shares with us some of the key issues for policy makers in this sector.

09/11/2015 - Training course: Setting Tariffs for Utilities

Europe Economics, in collaboration with Marketforce, is running a training course on 19th November 2015 on Setting Tariffs for Utilities. The course will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the theories and models behind setting tariffs, and allow them to put this new knowledge into practice by building a sample tariff model with the help of our experts, Stephen Topping and Chiraag Darbar. More details can be found on Marketforce’s website by clicking the link below.

19/08/2015 - Oil still has the power to humble leaders who fail to hedge their bets...

Matthew Sinclair has written an article for the Telegraph observing how the price of oil can often cause the best laid plans of leaders and politicians to go awry.