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09/06/2016 - Study on the State of the Credit Rating Market

Europe Economics’ study on the state of the credit rating market has been published by DG FISMA. The report describes the current extent of competition and of competitiveness in the different segments of the credit rating market (such as sovereigns, corporate and covered bonds, structured finance instruments). We also assessed the current and anticipated impact of the Regulation on credit rating agencies (CRAR3) on competition. We identified and assessed the feasibility of potential additional measures to further promote competition and quality in credit rating. We worked with three academic collaborators: Dr Dion Bongaerts, Dr Nelson Camanho and Dr Sandra Einig. The project was led by Ross Dawkins.

23/03/2016 - Analysis of Public Spending and Local Taxation in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK

Europe Economics was commissioned by Scotland in Union to perform an analysis of Scotland's expenditure and revenue compared to the rest of the UK. Our research showed that Scotland enjoys higher spending on public services, more capital investment and lower taxes as a result of being in the UK. Analysis of the latest GERS figures showed that being part of the UK is worth around £8.8bn to Scotland.

15/03/2016 - The Uses (and Abuses) of Modelling Adjustments

Our report on “The uses (and abuses) of Modelling Adjustments in Internal-Ratings Based Models” has been published by the Association for Financial Markets in Europe.

26/02/2016 - The Contribution made by Beer to the European Economy

Europe Economics was commissioned by the Brewers of Europe to update and extend their analysis of the direct, indirect and induced economic impact of the European beer industry, both across the EU as a whole and in individual Member States.

25/01/2016 - The Cost of Non-Europe in the Sharing Economy

Europe Economics was commissioned by the European Parliament to study the potential of the Sharing Economy in the EU, the obstacles to that potential being realised and how changes to regulatory policy might address some of those obstacles. Our report has been published as part of a somewhat larger report from the European Parliamentary Research Service, with our contribution starting at page 33.