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31/05/2006 - Evaluating the Impact of the Car Warranties Market Study

Europe Economics has recently completed the first independent evaluation of an OFT market study. The review of the car warranties market study has now been published by OFT. Our report includes estimates of benefits to consumers of between £120 million and £170 million from the removal of warranty restrictions on car servicing. It also identifies continuing consumer detriment in the range £40 million to £90 million per annum from low levels of consumer awareness of these changes.

30/05/2006 - Impact of Supermarket Expansion in the Convenience Retailing Sector

Report written for the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) as part of a submission to the Office of Fair Trading, May 2005.

30/04/2006 - Europe Economics’ Appraisal of a Report “The Economic Costs and Benefits of Easing Sunday Shopping Restrictions on Large Stores in England and Wal

In April 2006, the DTI concluded a consultation on the possibility of extending Sunday trading hours for larger stores. It also commissioned a cost benefit analysis of such a policy move from consultants Indepen, and that analysis was published in early May 2006. The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) then asked Europe Economics to review Indepen's report.