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16/11/2006 - Economic Impact of the Use of Radio Spectrum in the UK

 Economic Impact of the Use of Radio Spectrum in the UK

08/06/2006 - Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and the Code of Practice

Second report for the Association of British Bookmakers Limited. This report was written by Europe Economics from survey data compiled by MORI, and updates the first report published in 2005.   Appendix 1-8 Appendix 9-14 Combined Response with Ipsos Mori

31/05/2006 - Evaluating the Impact of the Car Warranties Market Study

Europe Economics has recently completed the first independent evaluation of an OFT market study. The review of the car warranties market study has now been published by OFT. Our report includes estimates of benefits to consumers of between £120 million and £170 million from the removal of warranty restrictions on car servicing. It also identifies continuing consumer detriment in the range £40 million to £90 million per annum from low levels of consumer awareness of these changes.