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31/05/2017 - Briefing Note: The Tesco-Booker merger: should we be concerned?

This briefing note, written by our Managing Consultant, Iona McCall, and Analyst, Elena Ashtari Tafti, takes a preliminary look at the potential theories of harm created by the Tesco/Booker merger following the opening of the first phase of the investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority.

27/04/2017 - Briefing Note: Price Comparison Websites: Consumer Saviour or Cause for Concern?

This briefing note gives an insight into the key issues surrounding price comparison websites in the context of the Competition and Markets Authority study of digital comparison tools. Just how beneficial are they to consumers?

31/03/2017 - Briefing Note: A simple illustration of certain benefits of “short-selling”

This note provides a simple description of short-selling practices together with an illustration of the potential benefits it can bring to investors.

30/03/2017 - Briefing Note: Big Data: What does it really mean for competition policy?

A look into the emergence of Big Data, its fundamental importance to businesses and the wider economy, and the critical role of competition authorities in ensuring Big Data is not exploited.  

27/03/2017 - Report: Dynamic Competition in Online Platforms

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published a new Europe Economics report on dynamic competition in online platform markets. This sets out the economic theory of online platforms and how competition works in that sector and reviews data on a range of such platforms: search engines (e.g. Google), short-term accommodation (e.g. Airbnb), music (e.g. Spotify), car insurance price comparison websites (e.g. GoCompare) and social networks (e.g. Facebook).