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31/05/2009 - Impact Assessment of Proposed Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations

The Europe Economics Impact Assessment of changes to energy efficiency standards for new buildings and some existing buildings has been published by the Department for Communities and Local Government as part of a Consultation. This includes detailed modelling of the impact of different approaches to cutting CO2 emissions from buildings, and the costs and benefits of the changes.

26/03/2009 - Pricing Principles for the Unconditioned Local Loop Services (ULLS) in Australia - The Conceptual

  A report assessing methods which should be used to determine the prices to be charged by Telstra for use of its local loop, in particular for the Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS)

01/03/2009 - Best Value tendering for CDS Contracts 2010; The Legal Services Commission Consultation Paper March 2009

Response to the Legal Services Commission from the Bar Council and the Criminal Bar Association to the proposed Best Value Tendering (BVT) process.  

01/03/2009 - Themes and trends in Regulatory Reform

Europe Economics was invited in February 2009 to express its views on regulation and regulators to the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee in connection with its inquiry into "Themes and Trends in Regulatory Reform". The Committee has now published its report, which may be viewed on-line. Click to access the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee website. To view the submission of Europe Economics click on 'WRITTEN EVIDENCE - VOLUME II (HC 329-II)' at the foot of the page, then click on 'Memorandum submitted by Europe Economics'.

15/01/2009 - Study on Credit Intermediaries in the Internal Market

A ground-breaking review of the role of credit intermediaries in the internal market and any possible consumer detriments arising from that role.  This included the comparative study of the activities of mortgage intermediaries across the EU27.