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19/04/2011 - Decision on Strategy for the Next Transmission on Gas Distribution Price Controls RIIO-T1 and GD1 - Financial Issues

Europe Economics's advice to Ofgem on the cost of capital for transmission and gas distribution. To view the main document click on the title. To view the referenced document by Europe Economics for Ofgem, click here.

07/04/2011 - Parallel Trade: The Challenges Ahead

Dermot Glynn spoke at the Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade Conference hosted by SMI in London in February 2011 about patient safety and access to medicines when repackaging of parallel trade medicines is allowed. The following publication is reproduced from IMS Pharma Pricing & Reimbursement April 2011 and details Dermot Glynn's speech.

15/12/2010 - The Weighted Average Cost of Capital for Ofgem's Future Price Control (Phase I Report)

Europe Economics's advice to Ofgem on the cost of capital for transmission and gas distribution (Phase I Report).

01/12/2010 - US Small Business Administration in Public Procurement

Our report on the role of the US Small Business Administration in public procurement has been published by the Enterprise Trust today.  

30/11/2010 - Economic Analysis of Restrictions on the Display of Tobacco Products -­ 2009 Canadian Annual Smoking Data - A Letter for JTI

Dr Andrew Lilico has written a letter to provide an update to previous reports on the economic analysis of restrictions on the display of tobacco products in light of relevant additional data recently published in Canada for JTI.