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01/12/2009 - US Small Business Administration in Public Procurement

Our report on the role of the US Small Business Administration in public procurement has been published by the Enterprise Trust. To access the report through the Enterprise Trust website, click on 'Procurment and SMEs in the US'.

01/12/2009 - Ex-ante Evaluation of the Proposed Alternative Investment Managers Directive

This Short Impact Assessment by Europe Economics builds on the Impact Assessment carried out by the European Commission to provide a quantitative assessment of the costs and benefits associated with the so-called “AIFM Directive”. It considers the rationale for intervention in the AIFM sector, as well as alternative approaches for regulation

26/11/2009 - Retail Insurance Market Study

Europe Economics' 'Retail Insurance Market Study' for DG Internal Market and Services of the European Commission has just been published. This study examines the market structure, the scale of cross-border activity, the evolution in premiums and profitability and innovation in insurance pricing across the whole of the EU27. It is focused on motor and home insurance and incorporates comparisons to either the USA or to selected US States. The study includes the results of an extensive mystery shopping exercise and ground-breaking analysis of the size and direction of cross-border activity in these markets.

24/11/2009 - Zero Carbon for New Non-Domestic Buildings: Impact Assessment

On 24 November 2009 the Department of Communities and Local Government published a Consultation on Policy Options for Zero Carbon in Non-Domestic Buildings. The full Impact Assessment for these options was carried out by Europe Economics. The cost benefit analysis includes an assessment of the benefits from reductions in CO2 emissions.  

21/10/2009 - Cost of Capital and Financeability at PR09

Ofwat published its final price determinations for the water industry on November 25 2009. Water companies now have a few weeks to decide whether to accept Ofwat's determinations or to appeal to the Competition Commission. Europe Economics have been advising Ofwat on cost of capital and financeability. Our updated report on the cost of capital has been published on the Ofwat website.

08/10/2009 - The Impacts of Restrictions on the Display of Tobacco Products - A Supplemental Report for JTI

Europe Economics has produced a Supplemental Report for JTI on the impacts of restrictions on the display of tobacco products.

13/09/2009 - Analysis of the Secondary Sales Market for Tickets for Sporting, Cultural and Other Events

Europe Economics’ report for DCMS on ticket re-selling was recently published alongside the summary of responses and Government response to the Ticket Touting consultation.  

27/07/2009 - Leniency and Civil Claims: Should Leniency Programmes Extend to Private Actions?

Principal Jonathan Green and senior consultant Iona McCall have their article published in Competition Law Insight on 28 July 2009

31/05/2009 - Proposed Changes to Exemptions from Public Performance Rights in Sound Recordings and Performers Rights:Amending the Copyright Designs and Patents Act

This study was an impact assessment for the UKIPO of proposed changes to UK Copyright law. Specifically, these proposed changes relate to the current exemptions from public performance rights in sound recordings and performers’ rights.  The focus of this study was to assess the impact of proposed changes on collecting societies, Users (i.e. those publicly playing copyright music), copyright holders as well as the wider impacts on society (i.e. through possible impacts on the incentive to innovate). Click the title to view the report through the IPO website.

31/05/2009 - Impact Assessment of Proposed Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations

The Europe Economics Impact Assessment of changes to energy efficiency standards for new buildings and some existing buildings has been published by the Department for Communities and Local Government as part of a Consultation. This includes detailed modelling of the impact of different approaches to cutting CO2 emissions from buildings, and the costs and benefits of the changes.

26/03/2009 - Pricing Principles for the Unconditioned Local Loop Services (ULLS) in Australia - The Conceptual

  A report assessing methods which should be used to determine the prices to be charged by Telstra for use of its local loop, in particular for the Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS)

01/03/2009 - Best Value tendering for CDS Contracts 2010; The Legal Services Commission Consultation Paper March 2009

Response to the Legal Services Commission from the Bar Council and the Criminal Bar Association to the proposed Best Value Tendering (BVT) process.  

01/03/2009 - Themes and trends in Regulatory Reform

Europe Economics was invited in February 2009 to express its views on regulation and regulators to the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee in connection with its inquiry into "Themes and Trends in Regulatory Reform". The Committee has now published its report, which may be viewed on-line. Click to access the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee website. To view the submission of Europe Economics click on 'WRITTEN EVIDENCE - VOLUME II (HC 329-II)' at the foot of the page, then click on 'Memorandum submitted by Europe Economics'.

15/01/2009 - Study on Credit Intermediaries in the Internal Market

A ground-breaking review of the role of credit intermediaries in the internal market and any possible consumer detriments arising from that role.  This included the comparative study of the activities of mortgage intermediaries across the EU27.

05/01/2009 - Study on the Cost of Compliance with Selected FSAP Measures

Europe Economics' report for the FSAP Evaluation has now been published. Our work was based on structured interviews with a diverse mix of European financial services companies to obtain estimates of the cost of compliance with the selected directives (MiFID, CRD, 3AMLD, Transparency Directive, Financial Conglomerates Directive and Prospectus Directive). The study was completed in January 2009.