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Information Gathering

Gathering reliable information is fundamental to our work.  This requires both the considered selection of appropriate information-gathering tools and their methodical application.

Literature Reviews

We are experienced in conducting reviews of the academic literature available, and employ robust methodology to ensure both focus and direction in efficiently identifying the relevant qualitative and quantitative materials.  To illustrate this, in order to analyse consumer detriment and to identify appropriate methodologies in estimating it in a project for DG SANCO of the European Commission, we drew extensively upon work from the fields of economics, behavioural economics, psychology and marketing.


We design surveys both independently and in collaboration with other professional service firms.  The latter include leading market research firms such as GfK NOP and MORI to ensure that the question strategies we use are appropriate; we rigorously pilot surveys prior to launch.  Other forms of contact with stakeholders variously include structured interviews and focused workshops.

We sometimes administer our own surveys, electronically and by post, and sometimes sub-contract this work to others.

Structured interviews

Carrying out detailed, careful interviews is a crucial feature of many of our projects.  Senior members of staff are experienced in this method of acquiring information, both to provide deeper understanding of how markets operate, and to gather information that could not be obtained in any other way.

Workshops and Consultations

We arrange workshop and consultation meetings, to explore policy options, and assist clients in all aspects of public consultation exercises.

Mystery Shopping

Our work on the retail insurance market involved an extensive mystery-shopping exercise across all of the EU27 and the USA.  We developed profiles of “typical” motor- and home-insurance customers, and obtained multiple quotations in the relevant countries.  This data set was then used to investigate the differences in insurance pricing across these markets.

Our Clients

Information gathering of some form is a feature of the majority of our work.

Our Experts

All our senior staff are experienced in supervising and taking part in information gathering.

Primary contact: Pau Salsas.