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Impact Assessment and Policy Evaluation

An important part of our work consists of providing economic evaluations of public policy, including technical impact assessments.  These have been embraced by the UK Government and many others, including the European Commission, as an essential step in formulating policy and in explaining policy decisions to the public and others.  We are familiar with the guidance issued by others, and have produced our own handbook to the principles and techniques of impact assessment.

Clients and Past Projects

Examples of projects in this field include, among many others:

  • Chairing the expert panel used by the National Audit Office in its review of 50 impact assessments prepared last year by Government Departments and Agencies
  • A study for DG MOVE of a pilot project to provide secure parking for commercial vehicles in the EU
  • An ex-post evaluation for DG Internal Market of the effects of the EU Procurement Directives
  • Detailed modelling and evaluation for DCLG of the effects of the environmental regulations affecting buildings
  • Seminars on the principles and techniques of impact assessment, for staff of Ofcom, and several other regulatory authorities
  • An assessment for the European Parliament of the likely effects of an extension of the EU Roaming Regulations
  • A study for DG Enterprise of the effects of improving the provision of information to patients
  • Assessments for the European Parliament and for the City of London of the effects of proposed new financial sector regulation

Our Experts

Our in-house experts in this field include Dermot Glynn, Andew Lilico, Stephen Topping, Ross Dawkins, Pau Salsas, Stefano Ficco and Matthew Sinclair.

Primary contacts: Andrew LilicoStephen Topping and Ross Dawkins.