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Mastercard Europe:

Europe Economics was commissioned by MasterCard to conduct a critique of the European Commission's impact assessment of proposed changes to the structure of interchange in the European Union.

Australia TaxPayers' Alliance:

We provided research assistance to the Australian TaxPayers' Alliance, briefing them about earlier research undertaken on the topic, and we supported them throughout their engagement with policymakers on issues related to interchange fee regulation.

Mastercard Europe:

We produced an extension of earlier research on the impact of interchange fee regulations in the UK on other EU Member States. The estimates of the scale of the impact were based on data from MasterCard and the European Central Bank and the quantitative research extended our work on the rationale and potential impacts. There was also an extension to consider card and scheme separation proposals in light of established regulatory principles. The report was promoted by a range of think tanks in different Member States.

Our Experts

Our in-house team in this field includes  Andrew Lilico and John Spicer