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Competition policy

What it is:

Making sure businesses and companies compete fairly with each other (encouraging firm innovation and efficiency, creating a wider choice for consumers and contributing to reducing prices and improving quality).

Types of studies:

We can advise competition authorities and we also work with law firms to advise companies under investigation. As well as assisting with competition cases, we also advise regulators on the introduction of competition and on the reform of competition frameworks.

Our expertise in this area includes advising on:

Market definition — defining the product and geographical boundaries of the market within which competition takes place, in order to provide the basis for analysis of competition and assessment of whether firms have a dominant position.

Dominance — analysing whether undertakings enjoy a position of economic strength which enables them to prevent effective competition on a relevant market.

Abuse of dominance — assessing situations where there is an alleged abuse of a dominant position, such as excessive pricing, predation, margin squeeze, discriminatory pricing, refusal to supply or anti-competitive vertical restraints.

Damages — using economic models to show whether or not alleged damages claims are valid and to quantify the size of damages. This involves comparing with the situation that would have arisen in the absence of the agreement or action in question (the counterfactual).

Mergers and acquisitions(M&A) — defining relevant markets and assessing the effects of M&A on competition in the market; and evaluating any potential benefits or losses to consumers.

Agreements — assessing whether an agreement may produce adverse effects on competition and, if so, whether there are any offsetting benefits that would be recognised under competition law.

State aid — analysing state aid measures (such as subsidies) to ensure that such measures do not distort competition in the Single Market.

Introduction of competition — advising on the introduction of competition into regulated sectors, including access pricing arrangements and reforms to price regulation to promote competition. 

Competition impact assessment — understanding whether new policy changes are likely to have an impact on competition in existing or new markets.

Innovative econometric approaches — our team of experts has wide experience in using sophisticated data analysis techniques to devise innovative approaches to solve complex cases and/or prepare expert witness testimony.

Our Experts

Our in-house team in this field includes Andrew Lilico and Pau Salsas.

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