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European Economic Research Limited (Europe Economics) is an independent economic consultancy, staffed with economists with substantial experience in economic regulation, public policy, and competition policy. Our approach combines the theoretical rigour of academic research and the client-based professional approach of the leading management consultancies and law firms. We offer an intellectually demanding environment at the forefront of both economic research and regulatory developments.

The requirements:

An analyst will need to have a very good honours degree (often a First and a prize winner; minimum of 2:1) and a Masters degree in economics. Candidates with doctorates start further up the salary scale.

The successful candidate will be highly numerate and will demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. Candidates with a sound background in micro-economics, industrial organisation and/or econometrics will have an advantage.

Applicants should also have good communication and team-working skills and be able to work on their own initiative.

How to apply:

We are not currently hiring at this moment in time. 

But please do send us your curriculum vitae with a covering letter, to be kept on record, quoting 'Analyst' in the subject line.

Applications should be sent to

Interview process:

We generally have a two round interview process for entry-level positions.

A first round interview consists of a 40 minute written test and an interview with two of our economists. The second round interview involves a more in depth and technical interview with our Managing Director.


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